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a little thingy about myself, I've been meaning to do one of these for ages.

Current Residence: UK
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: Windows
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim

I know this has already made a DD, but seriously READ IT, it's amazing!
I think this is universal to almost all artists (A huge number that I've seen on DeviantArt anyway), and it's really sweet and wonderful.
All insecure artists (like me) should read this.


Festivale dancing! by pan77155
Festivale dancing!
Happy Festivale to all those who are still playing Animal Crossing New Leaf!

One of my favourite villagers, Bettina, looked so cute in her little Festivale get-up that I just had to draw her!

(I haven't submitted something with an invisible background before, so I hope it shows up all right...)
Spending time with the family by pan77155
Spending time with the family
I can't wait for Majora's Mask to come out on the 3DS next week! It's one of my favourite games and I bought it as soon as it came available for pre-order onto Nintendo's website.
I've been hoping that Majora's Mask would get a remake for YEARS, I mean come on it hasn't had a single remake yet (at least not that I know of) and Ocarina of Time has had loads! (Not that I don't love Ocarina of Time, it's the first Zelda game that I ever played and holds a special place in my heart, but I always preferred its darker sequel.)

I've seen a lot of fan art pictures of Skull Kid, and a few of Anju and Kafei, but I have hardly ever seen any featuring Lulu and her tadpole-babies, so drawing her came into my head while wondering whether to try to do some Majora's Mask fan art. Also, like many Majora's Mask fans, I thought it sad that you never see Lulu go to see her kids after Link-Mikau rescues them, so I wanted to show her spending time with them.

More lineless painting practice! I'm mostly getting the hang of it now.
(I'm still not certain about Lulu's face and other parts, but I've reached the point where any more tweaking just makes it look worse, so I'm forcing myself to leave it alone, to stop obsessing about getting it all perfect and just try to accept it how it is.)

It was quite hard getting reference pictures from this angle of the marine research lab though, in the end I had to boot up my old Nintendo 64 version, stand on the top of the tank looking back towards the door and take a few pictures of my TV screen! (My Nintendo 64 still works perfectly, even though it's older than I am! They sure built them to last back in the day.)

I was a bit annoyed in the end to find that some of the scientist and the fish were cut off by the foreground tank, so here's what it would look like without the tank in the way, in case anyone's interested.
When did my fish get so large? by pan77155
When did my fish get so large?
There's a heart piece quest involving the marine research lab where you can feed fish to the scientist's cannibalistic pet fish, making one of them grow in size (devouring its partner in the process) until it reaches its maximum size and spits out a heart piece.
I did just wonder what the scientist might think on noticing the size increase of his fish, so added this little joke in the background of my Majora's Mask fan art painting.
Dougal-Junior the needle felted rabbit by pan77155
Dougal-Junior the needle felted rabbit
I've been learning how to needle felt!
It's quite fun, although it takes a very long time and I'm still just understanding the basics. I personally think it's more enjoyable than sewing toys, as you can keep changing and moulding as you go, it's really much more like sculpting with clay.
I modelled this toy on the older of my two adorable rabbits, Dougal.

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